Empowering youth through the power of service and global solidarity 
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Juany Garcia Perez is Project Aruna's Country Director in Guatemala, and also works as an independent consultant on gender, youth, and democratic participation. She has previously worked on indigenous rights, sexual violence prevention, and girls' empowerment projects with institutions including UNICEF and Asociacion IDEI, and has been an integral part of Project Aruna since 2011. Juany holds a degree in Psychology from the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala.
Emily Teitsworth is the Executive Director of Project Aruna, where she develops projects in collaboration with partners in Guatemala, oversees grantmaking, and directs monitoring and evaluation.  She holds a Master’s in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School at Brandeis University, and graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology. 
Fahim Johnson​ is the Director of Student Development, where he oversees student recruitment while creating curriculum rooted in personal growth. Fahim is currently an AP History teacher at REALM Charter School and develops curriculum and co-lectures at U.C. Berkeley. Fahim attends CSU East Bay where he’s completing a Master’s of Science in Urban Educational Leadership focusing on trauma and teacher health. Fahim graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in African-American Studies. 
Amber Lester is the Futures Chair, where she supports students with an eye to their future.  Amber's role is to pair the personal and educational needs of our youth with an experience that will empower them to create meaningful change. Amber is currently the Director of Counseling for REALM Charter Schools. Amber holds a Masters in Counseling with Special-izations in College Student Personnel and School Counseling from S.F. State University. She also holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Black Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara.  
Kunal Dalal is a one of Project Aruna's founders, where he directs operations and technology, and oversees student empowerment programs. Kunal has also been an educator for 11 years, serving first as a teacher, then as an administrator and school leader.

Kunal holds a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the U.C. Berkeley and a Master's in Secondary Education from Harvard University. He also holds a B.A. in Neuroscience and Politics from Oberlin College. 
Hillary Walker is the Director of Service and Solidarity for Project Aruna, where she oversees the development and implement-
ation of the Global Perspectives & Service curricula for schools, which cultivates youth agency and solidarity through service learning. She is a Humanities teacher at REALM Charter School in Berkeley, and holds a M.Ed. from U.C. Berkeley, and a Master’s in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University. Hillary also holds a B.A. in History and African American Studies from U.C. Davis. 
Project Aruna Staff

Project Aruna was founded in 2011 with the belief that making cultural competency accessible to young people everywhere will help all of us build a more equitable global community. Working with high school-age Fellows in the U.S. and Guatemala, Project Aruna builds young leaders’ skills, knowledge, and empathy to enable them to effectively address the complex challenges facing our global community. ​ Project Aruna empowers youth from historically marginalized and emerging communities to create meaningful change in their own communities through cross-cultural collaboration, service, travel and leadership development. Project Aruna also supports video capacity building through digital storytelling and contracted video services.

To learn more about Project Aruna, download our fact sheet, and watch digital stories created by Project Aruna's 
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